Chicken Stew with MIX potatoes

cazuela pollo

Chicken Stew with MIX potatoes


Ingredients for 5 people:

5 MIX Potatoes.
2 tablespoons oil.
5 chicken wings.
1 clove garlic, finely sliced.
½ diced onion.
1 1/2 liter hot water.
1 tablet chicken broth.
1 jar peas.
2 carrots, cut in small sticks.
1 bonnet pepper, cut in small sticks.
¼ cup rice.
Oregano, pepper, cumin and salt to taste.
Parsley to garnish.


Cook the potatoes in a medium size stock pot with some salt for about 20 minutes, until you verify it’s ready by piercing with a knife.

Once it is ready, reserve it.

Separately, heat a pan with two tablespoons of oil and add the chicken to brown it, carefully removing it from time to time so it does not stick on the pan.

Add the garlic with the onion.

Pour the hot water and flavor with the chicken broth, the oregano, cumin, pepper and a touch of salt.

Add the peas, carrot and the bonnet pepper; cook covered over medium heat for around 20 minutes in order to move forward with the cooking of the ingredients.

Then, add the rice and cook for another 15-minute period until the rice is cooked. Add the potatoes.

Serve immediately, sprinkling the finely cut parsley to add a touch of freshness. (Other vegetables can be added too)