About Us


Papas Arcoiris is a family company, established in 2002 by Boris Contreras Kusch along with his father, Andrés Contreras (1943-2014) , both of them agro-engineers. Since 2010 it’s managed by Boris along with his wife, Anita.

It is located in Puerto Varas, at the Los Lagos region and it is devoted to the production of potatoes, of different colors and shapes, to be commercialized both in Chile and the world’s most demanding markets.

It has both native varieties and varieties produced by its sister company, Novaseed, which develops products with no transgenic varieties whatsoever.

“Our goal is to produce varieties that are appealing to our consumers; we want them to have a colorful, healthy product at their table, with a high nurturing value and with the highest production standards”.



“To provide a better product every time, one that is attractive and has healthy features, such as the presence of anti-oxidants, one that is respectful with the environment in each production step”.



“We want to constantly surprise our clients with products that are more appealing and healthy, so they can be at their home and be consumed on a daily basis”.




Boris Contreras K.



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Ana Maldonado A.

Business Manager


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Felix Mansilla A.

Production Area Cheaf



Karin Pailahual V.

Accounting and Human Resources


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